Martyn "Moochie" Norris (born July 27 1973 in Washington, D.C.) is an American professional Basketball player formerly in the NBA and currently with the Yakama Sun Kings of the Continental Basketball Association.

Norris, a Journeyman, played collegiately at Auburn University and at the University of West Florida. Early on in his career, Norris dealt with Insomnia which he has suffered from for many years.

Moochie was one of the lesser-known NBA players with his own Bobblehead figurine sporting a synthetic afro when he was with the Houston Rockets in 2002 He is also noticeable for his large Afro.

He was given his nickname by his grandfather, who loved the Cab Calloway song, "Minnie the Moocher".

After the 2006 NBA season, Norris was placed on waivers by the New Orleans Hornets. He joined the Yakama Sun Kings of the CBA briefly in January 2007, played for Italian club Climamio Bologna from March to June of that year, and in November returned to the Sun Kings, where he is leading the league in assists.


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