Ronald Michael Behagen (born January 14, 1951 in New York) is a retired American Basketball player.

A 6'9" Center (basketball) from DeWitt Clinton High School in New York City, Behagen played basketball at the University of Minnesota during the early 1970s. One of his teammates was future Baseball Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield. After his college career ended in 1973, Behagen played seven seasons of professional basketball in the NBA as a member of the Kansas City Kings, New Orleans Jazz, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, New York, and Washington Bullets and in Italy for Antonini Siena. He received NBA All-Rookie Team honors in 1974. In his NBA career, he averaged 10.3 points and 7.0 Rebound (basketball) per game.

Brawl with Ohio StateEdit

On January 25 1972, Behagen was involved in one of the most serious on-court incidents in college basketball history when he and several teammates attacked Ohio State University's Luke Witte. In the midst of an already physical game, Minnesota's Clyde Turner flagrantly fouled Witte during a layup attempt, knocking Witte to the ground. Corky Taylor of Minnesota reached down as if to help Witte up, but then kneed Witte in the groin. A melee between the two teams ensued, and Behagen came off the bench to stomp Witte in the head, leaving him unconscious. Ohio State coach Fred Taylor (basketball coach) described it as "the sorriest thing [he] ever saw in intercollegiate athletics." Behagen and Corky Taylor were suspended for the rest of that season, though Witte did not press charges against either.


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