Tom Nissalke is an American former professional basketball coach in the NBA and American Basketball Association. He has coached several teams in both leagues, and has an overall coaching record of 371-508.

After a season with the then-Dallas Chapparals (where he won ABA coach of the Year), Nissalke moved to the NBA with the Sonics for one season. He returned to the team, now in San Antonio, in 1973, bringing with him a "a patterned, deliberate offense to San Antonio". During his tenure, the "Iceman" George Gervin had arrived from the Virginia Squires and was the center of the team. Though Nissalke's club was successful, he was fired in the beginning of the 1974-75 ABA season.

Nissalke took his act to Utah with the Stars, but the club folded, surprisingly, midseason in the ABA's last hurrah in 1975-76. According to the ABA, he has the final game ball in his closet.

He coached the other Texas team the Houston Rockets (winning another Coach of the Year in the NBA in 76-77), followed by the Utah Jazz and Cleveland Cavaliers, retiring in 1985.

He holds the rare distinction of being named Coach of the Year in both the NBA and the ABA.

He was the commissioner of the short lived National Basketball League in Canada in 1993-94.

Nissalke is a radio analyst and talk-show host for the Jazz. In January 2006, his wife of 46 years, Nancy, died due to Cancer.

When asked one time in an interview how his name was pronounced, Nissalke famously replied, "Tom".

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